Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tip #47: Alter Assessment Settings

You can alter assessment settings even after you’ve initially released an assessment. This ability allows you to release results, answers, and feedback only after all students have completed the assessment.

Here’s how to do it:
1.Go to the Blackboard Control Panel and click on the Content Area where the assessment is located.

2.Click on the Modify button to the right of the assessment. This will take you to the Modify Test page.

3.Click on the Modify the Test options link.

4.Scroll down to the Test Feedback subsection, and check boxes correlating to the kind(s) of test feedback you want to make accessible.
•Submitted answers
•Correct Answers

5.Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Submit.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Archiving your course in Blackboard 7

Archive your Blackboard course:
  1. Access the course you want to archive
  2. Go to the Blackboard Control Panel, and click on Archive Course (located in the Course Options category)
  3. Click the Archive button
  4. Click Submit
  5. After you receive the archive completion email, navigate to the Archive Course page again.
  6. Right-click the zipped course file and click Save Target As… to save the file to your computer
    • NOTE: If you are using Firefox, you will use the Save Link As… option instead
  7. Click OK

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tip # 46: Limit dropped student access to the course

When students drop a class and are not automatically removed from Blackboard, you can limit their access to the course.

Limiting access to students who drop the course mid-semester
Students who have dropped a course mid-semester will not be removed from your Blackboard course roster. This is designed to allow instructors to keep records of all students in the course. Removing a student from the Blackboard course will delete all information, including grades for that student.

Here’s how to limit access and retain student information:
Navigate to your Control Panel and click the List/Modify Users link. Type the student’s last name, or click search to list the whole class roster. Select properties next to a student’s name. Scroll down to Section 4: Role and Availability. Under Available (this course only) select No. Click Submit.

NOTE: Limiting access to students will not remove them from your grade book. However, the student will no longer be able to log into the course.

Removing Students from a Course
If a student was never enrolled in the course per your WebAdvisor roster, removal of the student may be appropriate. Keep in mind that all student data will be removed including grades, assignment submissions and course statistics.

NOTE: Blackboard roster updates occur several times a day through the twelfth class day. It is possible that during these first days of the semester, students removed from a course will be added back into the course when the roster updates occur. Removing students after the twelfth class day will be permanent.

How to permanently remove a student from the course
Navigate to your Control Panel and click the Remove Users from Course link. Type the student’s last name, or click search to list the whole class roster. Place a checkmark next to the student’s name. Type the word Yes in the box and click Submit.

NOTE: Official student rosters can be obtained from WebAdvisor and compared with Blackboard. Students who are not listed in Blackboard but listed in WebAdvisor should call the Help Desk at 940-898-3791 for assistance.

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