Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tip #10: Enabling Review Status

Tip: You can enable Review Status for course items.

Here’s how to do it:
Enter your course and navigate to the item to which you want to add Review Status. Click the Edit View link on the top right corner of the page to bring up options for that item. Click the Manage button for that item.

Click Review Status and select the Enable option. Click Submit. Click OK to return to the main content area page. Click the Display View link on the top right corner of the page to view what the students will see.

Using Review Status:
Review Status may be helpful if you have a document or course item that you want to verify whether or not students have viewed it. For example, you might add Review Status to a document containing course policies so that students can acknowledge that they read the document.

Review Status tracking is available through the Performance Dashboard. Navigate to the Control Panel and then click Performance Dashboard. In the Review Status column, you will see the number of course items each student has marked as review. Click on a number in that column to view specific information about what a student has and has not marked as reviewed.

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