Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tip #13: Early Warning System Rules

Tip: You can assess students’ progress in your course by creating Early Warning System rules.

Here’s how to do it:
Navigate to your course Control Panel and click the Early Warning System. You can add a Grade Rule, a Due Date Rule, or a Last Access Rule.

  • A Grade rule identifies when student performance is equal to, below, or above a defined level.
  • A Due Date rule identifies students who do not complete work by the due date.
  • A Last Access rule identifies the last time a student accessed the course.

Example: Adding a Grade rule
In this example, an instructor chooses to receive Early Warning System notification for every student who scores lower than a 70 on the Midterm exam. Click the + Grade Rule button and type a name for the rule. Select a Gradebook item for which you would like to be notified; in this example the instructor selects the Midterm exam. Define the criteria (e.g., less than or equal to) and the score (e.g. 70). Click Submit to save the rule.

Place a checkmark next to the new rule and click the Refresh button. Exit the Early Warning System and return to that area to view the updated page. To view a list of the students who meet the criteria, click the name of the rule. NOTE: The rules do not automatically update; you must Refresh the rules to see if any new students meet the criteria.

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