Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tip #68: Drag and Drop in Blackboard 9

Tip: In Blackboard 9, you can use drag and drop to arrange and reorder items.

What can you drag and drop?

You can drag and drop any item that has either a double-headed arrow or a four-headed arrow to the left of it. Here are some prominent places you will see them:
  • the Course Menu
  • Content pages
  • the Announcement page
  • the Column Organization page

Here’s how to drag and drop:
  1. Use your mouse to left-click and hold on the arrows next to an item you would like to move.
    • NOTE: Your mouse pointer will turn into a four-headed arrow when your mouse is properly positioned over the arrows.

  2. Drag the item up or down to the spot where you would like to place it.

  3. Release your left mouse button to drop the item in place.

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