Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tip #85: Copy and Paste from Word

Tip: Some formatting of text can be preserved by changing the options in visual text box editor.

Pasting copied text from Word into Blackboard can sometimes cause formatting problems. Changes made to the visual text box editor can preserve spacing from Word.

How to copy and paste from Word:

  1. In Blackboard, create a new item (i.e. Discussion Board, Announcement, or Course Module), or reply to a discussion board thread.
  2. On the right side of the visual text box editor is a button that says Visual Editor: On. Click On to change the selection to Off.
  3. When the Visual Editor button says Off, the text editing tools are removed. Instead, three options on the bottom will appear. The Smart Text option should be selected.
  4. Copy and paste text.
  5. Note: Only spacing and bullets will be kept in Blackboard, not bold, underline, or italics.
  6. Click Preview (on the bottom right of the text box) to see how the post will look before submitting it.
  7. Note: Do not turn on the text editor before submitting text, or all text will be removed.
  8. Once finished, click Submit.
  9. Bold, underline, and italics may be added by using the text editing toolbar after a post has been submitted. Click to Edit post. [If the visual editor is still off, click to return to on mode and text from Word will be retained.]

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