Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tip #21: Adding a glossary

Tip: You can add a glossary to your Blackboard course.

Here’s how to do it:
Navigate to your course Control Panel and click Glossary Manager. Click the +Add Term button to add a new term and its definition. Click Submit to save the term and definition. Follow the same steps to add more terms to the glossary.

You can create your glossary in Excel or in Notepad and upload it into your Blackboard shell. Click the Upload Glossary button and Browse for the glossary file you created. Click Submit to upload the glossary.

Creating a glossary in Excel or Notepad:
Create your glossary in Excel by creating a column for the terms and a column for the definitions. Save the Excel glossary as a tab-delimited file or .csv file.
To create your glossary in Notepad, type the term and definition in quotation marks and separate the term and definition with a comma: “term”,“definition” (do not type any spaces between the characters). Save the Notepad file as a .txt file or .csv file.

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