Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tip #73: Copying Course Materials

Tip: You can copy materials into a Blackboard 9 course from previous courses by using Course Copy (from BB9 to BB9 only).
  • NOTE: This process does not overwrite your Blackboard 9 course entirely but rather adds the material you are importing into it. You may need to rearrange or remove some items after the copy process has completed.

How to Course Copy:
  1. Log into the course from which you will be copying the material.

  2. Click on the Packages and Utilities section of the Control Panel and then on Course Copy.

  3. Under Select Copy Options, click on the Browse button next to Destination Course ID. In the Course window that pops, select your destination course, and click Submit.

  4. Select all the Course Materials that you would like to copy.
    • NOTE: Do not select Settings if you are copying from a course which was formerly on BB7 as this will cause some parts of your new Blackboard 9 course to be disabled.

    • NOTE: If you select Assessments, Assignments, or graded Discussions, then you must also select Grade Center Columns.

      Likewise, if you select Grade Center Columns, then you must select Assessments, Assignments, and Discussions.

  5. Click Submit. At this point, you should receive a message that states “Success: Course copy action queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete.”
    • NOTE: You should receive this email within 2-3 hours. After you receive this email, it could take up to another 8 hours for the new content to fully display. If either part does not happen, please contact Blackboard Support (

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