Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tip #72: Blackboard 9 Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

Tip: We will begin using Blackboard 9 for all classes beginning June 2010. Summer, Summer 2 and Summer 3 classes will be available on the new version of Blackboard. Summer 1 (formerly Maymester) will be taught on the current version of Blackboard. Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Blackboard 9

Can I see what BB9 looks like before summer?
The new Blackboard server is available at You are also invited to attend the BB9 classes being offered to faculty, staff, adjuncts and GA’s. See our upcoming classes.

When will we start using Blackboard 9?

Blackboard 9 will be used beginning in June with Summer, Summer 2 and Summer 3 courses.

When will all my old courses be moved from BB 7 to BB9?
Courses containing content from the following semesters have been moved and should be visible on the new server:
  • 08SP
  • 08SU – all terms including maymester
  • 08FA
  • 09SP
  • 09SU – all terms including maymester
  • 09FA
10SP courses have not been moved so that all content can be included and will be moved once grades have been submitted. They should be available by the end of May.

You should be able to view all these courses on the BB9 server ( If you are not seeing courses please contact Blackboard Support at

When will my Spring 2010 courses be moved to the BB9 server?

In order to ensure that your entire course is moved, Spring 2010 courses should be available to you by the end of May.

Is it possible to move my Spring 2010 class earlier?
You can use the Export function in the course to export your course and then use the Import function in Blackboard 9. For more complete directions see:

Will I need to give this address ( to my students?
No, on June 4 all existing links (, to Blackboard will automatically go to the new server.

I usually send e-mails to my students before the semester starts. Can I still do this?
Yes, you can send an e-mail from your course in Blackboard 9 (

Will organizations be moved to Blackboard 9?
Yes, we are in the process of moving all organizations with content to Blackboard 9. All organizations should be available in BB9 by the end of May.

Will I still have access to Blackboard 7?
Yes, it will be available through the beginning of Fall 2010; the exact date will be announced via e-mail. We will send a link to the BB7 location in June.

When will students have access to the new Blackboard?
Students will have access to Blackboard 9 beginning June 4.

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