Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tip #81: Grade Center Text Columns

Tip: You can use text columns in the Grade Center to remember non-grade information such as a student’s preferred name or which class section they’re in.

Here’s how to create a Grade Center text column:

  1. Log into your course and ensure Edit Mode is ON.

  2. Click on the Grade Center area of the Control Panel then select Full Grade Center in the expanded menu.

  3. On the Grade Center page, click on the Create Column button.

  4. Type a Column Name, Grade Center Display Name (optional), and Description (optional).
    NOTE: The Grade Center Display Name will only be displayed in the Grade Center.

  5. Select Text for the Primary Display.

  6. Enter zero for the number of Points Possible.

  7. Select No for Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations as well as Show Statistics.
    NOTE: If you do not wish students to see the information in this column, select No for Show this Column to Students as well.

  8. Click Submit.

  9. Enter the students’ new non-grade information in the new Grade Center column.

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