Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tip #82: Backing up the Grade Center

Tip: You can back up your Grade Center by downloading a copy of it in spreadsheet format.

Here’s how to back up your Grade Center:

  1. Log into your course and ensure Edit Mode is ON.

  2. Click on the Grade Center area of the Control Panel then select Full Grade Center in the expanded menu.

  3. On the Grade Center page, click on the Work Offline button and select Download.

  4. On the Download Grades page under Data, select Full Grade Center.

  5. On the Download Grades page under Options, select Tab as the Delimiter Type.

  6. Click Submit. A file containing the Grade Center data will be created.

  7. Click on the DOWNLOAD button and choose where to save the file.
    : The file will be downloaded with an *.xls extension which will open in Excel.

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