Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tip #93: Recommendations for Deploying Tests

Tip: There are many options when a test is deployed in Blackboard. Following are recommendations for and explanations of test settings options.

Check out the Instructor Tips for Testing and Student Tips for Testing for more recommendations.

Deploying a Test (Test Options)

  1. Open Test in New Window: No. Popup blockers may prevent students from being able to even open tests that open in new windows.
  2. Make Link available: Yes
  3. Multiple Attempts can be beneficial for students, but is not necessary. You can select to allow multiple attempts or restrict to a set number of attempts to allow for possible issues.
  4. Do not check Force Completion. Students are only “locked out” of tests when Force Completion is set. We recommend setting a timer instead.
  5. Set timer allows the instructor to see how long a student spent on a test, regardless of how many times they closed their browser, had a connection time out, or were boosted by their Internet service provider. Since force completion is off, the student can reenter the test. The test timer continues to record time even if the student has exited the attempt.
  6. If setting release dates and times for a test, you must select both Display After and Display Until.
  7. Passwords for tests are especially useful when testing students in groups (eg: class of 120, testing 30 at a time in a proctored setting). Passwords should be changed after each group is tested.
  8. Do not check Hide Results for this Test Completely from Instructor and the Grade Center. This setting will not allow the instructor to ever see the scores on a test and should not be used for a test that needs to be graded.

Note: When deploying a test, do not use Adaptive Release to set date and time restrictions for the test. Instead, use the Display After/Display Until feature on the test options.

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