Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tip #94: Collecting Discussion Board Posts

Tip: A feature in Blackboard allows instructors and students to pull up a one-page view of all discussion board posts.

This feature can be used for printing posts or viewing all posts on one page.

Collecting Posts

  1. From the course menu, click Discussion Board.
  2. Click a discussion board forum.
  3. Select all posts by clicking the box next to Date. Click Collect, next to Thread Actions.
  4. All posts, including replies, will open on one page. Scroll down to read all posts.

Sorting and Marking Collected Posts

  • Scroll over the box next to Sort by to view and select an option for sorting posts. Posts can be sorted by Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name, Subject, Date of Last Post, and Thread Order.
    Note: When sorting by name you may receive an error messaging stating that not all names could be detected and some posts may appear out of order. This message usually occurs when an anonymous post is included.

  • Posts can be marked as read or unread by clicking Mark, found underneath Sort by. To mark posts as read or unread, select posts by selecting individual boxes next to posts or by clicking All. Click Read or Unread from the Mark menu. Posts can also be marked by clicking the Mark as Unread or Mark as Read button in the bottom right corner of each post.

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