Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tip #98: How to Copy a Wiki

Tip: The copy wiki tool allows the instructor to retain the content and permissions from a previous wiki for use in a new wiki.

  1. From the Course Menu, click Tools.

  2. Click Campus Pack Collaboration Space.

  3. On the right side under the Content section, click the Add Content button at the end of the box.

  4. On the right, click Copy from Existing.

  5. Select the course name from the list in the first column. A list of all Campus Pack wikis, blogs, journals, and podcasts will load in the second column. Select the wiki to be copied.

  6. In the Title box, enter the title for the copied wiki. The title of the original will stay the same.

  7. To retain the permissions from the original wiki, check the box under Copy sharing settings.

  8. Select Copy to save. The copied wiki will open automatically.

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