Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tip #99: YouTube Mashups

Tip: Embed a video into your course shell by searching for Youtube videos using the Mashup tool.
  1. Go to the Course Menu and select the content area where you would like to embed the video.

  2. Click Build Content, and select YouTube Video on the right side under Mashups.

  3. Enter your search terms in the Search bar, and click Go.

  4. Click Preview to watch a video.

  5. Click Select to choose a video.

  6. Once a video has been selected, a screen will open with the following options for your video:
    1. Add YouTube Content to Course
      • Name – The name of the video will automatically be entered into this line and can be changed.
      • Description – Any text entered will appear underneath the embedded video.
    2. Mashup Options
    • View – The video can be embedded in three ways:
      1. Embed Video to allow students to view the video directly in Blackboard.
      2. Thumbnail posts a small image of the video in Blackboard and opens the video in a popup.
      3. Text Link with Player posts a link for students to click to open the video in a popup.
    • Show YouTube URL – Select yes to create a link to the video’s YouTube page.
    • Show YouTube Information – Select yes to display the length of video, name of creator, and date the video was added.

  7. Complete items 3 (Attach or Link Content) and 4 (Options) as desired.

  8. Click Submit to save and embed video.

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